Working at Heights Training

Working at heights is considered to occur any place where there exists the risk of a person falling a distance of 2m or more as well as any place where a person can gain access to an area within a 2m radium of an open unprotected edge, whereby he or she runs the risk of falling a distance of 2m or more.

Accidents can usually be attributed to unsafe conditions, for this reason it is important that the necessary assessment is completed in terms of analysing job hazards.

In this course we will look topics such as legislation relating to working at heights, occupational health and safety regulations and safety equipment, to name but a few of the items we will explore.

Working at Heights Course Overview

Legal compliance

Conducting Risk Assessments

Fall protection Plans

Principles of fall arrest

Fall arrest equipment

Inspection & maintenance of fall arrest equipment

Who should attend?

Employees using ladders

Employees working on scaffolding

Any employees working at heights

Construction supervisors

Safety Officers

Why is Working at Heights Training Important?

If you work in construction or maintenance, your workplace may require you or your employees to work at heights every now and then, if not regularly. If that's the case for you, it's important that you know the rules and your rights.

It's an explicit requirement of current legislation that workers must not be placed at risk at any time throughout the course of their work. As a result, there are many safety regulations you need to be aware of and stay up to date with.

In situations where a worker is at risk of falling from one level to another and reasonably likely to injure themselves or someone else as a result, a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking must take reasonable steps to mitigate the risk of working at heights.

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