Uni-Excellens offers a number of outcomes-based, goal-oriented training courses that is aligned with the requirements of the Law and accredited with HWSETA and Department of Labour. These courses were tailored with input from our client base as well as Subject Matter Experts from the OH&S and Emergency Management fields.

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*All our course certificates are valid for 2 years, except for First Aid Level 1-3, OH&S Manager, SHE Representative, HIRA & Incident/Accident Investigation courses which are valid for 3 years.

2024 Training Schedule:

Our Training Courses Include:

First Aid:

• First Aid - Basic (Level 1) 
• First Aid Refresher 
• First Aid - Intermediate & Advance (Level 2 & 3)  
• First Aid Buddy Program for Kids 

Evacuation Members:

• Evacuation Warden & Scene Management 
• Emergency Coordinator  
• Emergency Tesponse Team Workshop 

Basic & Advanced Fire: 

• Basic Fire Awareness/Fire Warden Training  
• Advanced Fire Training 

Health & Safety Act & Responsibilities of Management:

• OHS Manager Course(16.1 & 16.2) Training 
• Health & Safety Representative Training 

Incident/Accident Investigation & HIRA:

• Hazard Identification Risk Assessor Training  
• Incident/Accident Investigation Training  

Working at Heights:

• High Rope Training  

Forklift Driving & Handling:

• Forklift Driver and Handling Training

Info Sessions and Workshops:

• Info Session – Alcohol Abuse  
• Info Session – HIV in the Workplace 
• Info Session - HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme for kids  
• Info Session – HIV/Aids Awareness Programme  
• Info Session – Hygiene  
• Info Session – Self Defense  
• Info Session – Anti Hijacking Workshop  
• Introduction to Marketing Workshop  
• Perfect your Sales Workshop  
• Product Development 101  
• Sales Management 101
• Sales 101  
• Marketing 101

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1. As soon as proof of payment is delivered to Uni-Excellens delivery dates will be issued.
2. If the service / training or product is cancelled or moved in writing between one (1) and seven (7) working days of the delivery you will be liable for 100% of the payment (invoice).
3. If the service / training or product is cancelled or moved in writing between eight (8) and fourteen (14) working days of the delivery you will be liable for 50% of the payment (invoice).
4. All work paid for and not completed within three (3) months, due to unforseen delay on the client's side, will be subject to a price increase.
5. Travelling (except in Gauteng) and overnight expenses are excluded.  All first assesments in the Gauteng area are free of charge. 
6. Delivery Process: Order - Invoice - Payment - Delivery