Book Your Emergency Evacuation Drill Now

To comply with the municipal by-laws you need to do at least one audited Emergency Evacuation Drill per year. By conducting regular drills you will:

o Familiarize your employees with the Emergency Evacuation Policy and Plan;
o Ensure all exit routes and emergency staircases are not obstructed and are usable during an emergency;
o Ensure fast and organized evacuations in case of an real emergency or fire;
o Give the Emergency Response Team an opportunity to practice what they learned during their training and to ensure they can conduct their duties

Our Emergency evacuation Drill consists of:

  • A detailed info session at least a week before the evacuation drill on roles and responsibilities of OHS team members.
  • A professional team conducting the evacuation drill on the day.
  • An emergency simulation for example a bomb, fire threat or civil unrest etc.
  • Wound simulations for the First aiders to practice on.
  • Photographs will be taken as proof of the evacuation drill.
  • A debrief session after the evacuation drill will be done to point out areas of concern
  • A detailed audit report will be given in writing with recommendations on how to improve your emergency team.

To do these drills properly and safely you need to have an Emergency Evacuation Policy & Plan in place as well as a trained Emergency Response Team consisting of:

o Health and Safety Manager
o Emergency Coordinator
o Evacuation Wardens
o First Aiders
o Fire Marshals
o SHE Representative
All the team members must undergo appropriate and accredited training to ensure that the emergency situation is handled in a safe manner.

We have limited dates available for this year - so please book well in advance. Please supply us with the following details in order to send you an accurate quotation:
- Number of employees at your premises
- Size of your premises (Square metres)
- Number of buildings on your premises

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