OHS Manager Course


- This course is intended for all managers who should know the requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act and the consequences of non-compliance.

- Explains the legislative framework of health, safety and environmental legislation at the workplace.

- Demonstrates knowledge pertaining to the requirements regarding a company's health, safety and environmental policies, procedures and codes.

- Explains the implementation and maintenance of health, safety and environmental legislation in a workplace.


· Basic introduction to OHS.

· Importance of legal compliance.

· Composition of the OHS Act.

· Significant terms and definitions.

· Fundamental elements of effective safety management.

· Good organisational governance and safety management.

· Assessing safety risks.

· Achieving SHE excellence.

· The role of the CEO and the general duties of management.

· Imposed relationship between line management and the safety practitioner.

· General duties of manufacturers and sale of articles.

· General duties of employees and employee involvement.

· Health and Safety Representatives and Committees.

· Reportable injuries and occupational diseases.

· Personal safety equipment and facilities.

· Acts or omissions; exemptions, third party agreements and penalties.

· Establishing an effective SHE system.

Duration 8 Hours (1 Day)

NQF Level: 4

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