Employee Medical Surveillance

Medical screening and medical surveillance are two fundamental strategies for optimizing employee health, it is all about the early detection and treatment of diseases associated with particular occupations. On-site employee health screening services and health surveillance are often the first step in many work site wellness programs.

Although the terms; medical screening and medical surveillance, are often used interchangeably, they are quite distinct concepts. Medical screening is, in essence, only one component of a comprehensive medical surveillance program. The fundamental purpose of screening is early diagnosis and treatment of the individual and thus has a clinical focus. The fundamental purpose of surveillance is to detect and eliminate the underlying causes such as hazards or exposures of any discovered trends and thus has a prevention focus.

Both can contribute significantly to the success of worksite health and safety programs. However, OSHA "medical surveillance" requirements are generally clinically focused with information obtained from the clinical processes used in the monitoring and analysis elements of medical surveillance.


- A detailed inspection is conducted of the premises to enable compilation of a Health Plan.
- This plan is drawn up in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Act 85 of 1993) leaving you with complete peace of mind.

• Personal details.
• History taking.
• Medical examination
• Occupational Risk Exposures.
• Respiratory tests
• Audio tests
• Baseline audio-gram.
• Spirometry.
• DVS (Vision screening).
• Chest X-ray report.

Why is medical surveillance essential?

Employers have a moral and legal responsibility to protect their workers, and any other person within the boundaries of the workplace, against health risks and hazards that might arise from their activities.

Legislation prescribes the legal duties and rights regarding monitoring the health of workers exposed to specific health risks and hazards associated with their occupations.

Medical surveillance is a planned program to monitor the health of workers and is permissible in terms of legislation and justifiable in terms of medical evidence, conditions of employment and the inherent requirements of the job.

Monitoring the health of workers protects and maintains the health and safety of the work force as well as that of co-workers.

Failure to comply with the prescribed medical surveillance of employees holds serious financial implications for the employer and employee as result of occupational injuries and/or disease.

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