First Aid Training

When someone is in trouble our natural instinct is one of wanting to help. If you know how to assess a situation and react in the appropriate way, you will have the confidence to prevent a minor injury becoming a major one or even save someone’s life, whether it is important they receive immediate attention for the best outcome.

Uni-Excellens is a registered first aid training provider offering and specializing in accredited first aid training as well as basic life support training to the corporate, industrial, mining and education sector as well as private individuals nationwide. Our high quality first aid training and service provides the necessary sought after skills in the field of First Aid & Emergency preparedness within Southern Africa.

Our First Aid course is divided into three levels with increased knowledge and skill levels in mind.

A student must proceed with their training along these levels and must have a valid competency certificate for level one to be able to start with a level two course and the same for level three.

Applicants who want to pursue a career as paramedic officers, has to be fully competent in level three first aid, as this is a pre-requisite to start paramedic training.

First aid training could be most important course you’ve ever taken. In the event of an emergency, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to deliver potentially life-saving assistance. Although many undertake training as part of a workplace requirement, these skills are invaluable in everyday situations and the course welcomes all individuals.

First Aid Training At Work

There are three levels of Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommended First Aid courses. Before deciding which level to choose a First Aid Needs Assessment must be carried out. The three levels of HSE recommended First Aid courses are as follows:

Emergency First Aid Level 1

First Aid level 1 is an entry level First Aid training course to provide risk-based primary emergency care/first aid in the workplace and is accredited by the Department of Labour and Health and Welfare Sector Educational Training Authority (HWSETA). First Aid is the first response to an emergency situation and can be the difference between life and death. First Aid Level 1 teaches basic lifesaving skills.

Explain and discuss basic first aid concepts, Demonstrate an understanding of elementary anatomy and physiology, Apply rudimentary first aid & Treat basic injuries.

Principles of First Aid & Safety Management, Emergency scene management, Artificial respiration, One rescuer CPR, Burns, Fractures & Choking, Head and spinal injuries, Shock management, Unconsciousness & fainting, Wounds & bleeding, Poisoning, HIV/Aids in the workplace and Real life scenario training.

Unit Standard Aligned:
Yes, SAQA US ID120496

18 hours (2 Days)

NQF Level: 2
Credits: 5

Included in course:
Learner workbook, CPR mouthpiece and certificate. Refreshments, Lunch and safe parking will also be provided.

First Aid Level 2 & 3

First Aid Level 2 & 3 teaches more advanced First Aid techniques and is accredited by the Department of Labour and Health and Welfare Sector Educational Training Authority (HWSETA). The First Aider is usually the first person to arrive on a scene and plays an important role in the “Patient Care Cycle” and their main objectives are to preserve life, prevent further injury and to promote recovery.

Explaining the principles of advanced first aid in emergencies, Demonstrating an advanced level of preparedness to deal with sudden illness or emergency, Assessing and managing an emergency scene/disaster, Describing the anatomy and explaining the physiology of the human body systems in terms of injury or sudden illness, Applying primary first aid for all age groups according to accepted current first aid protocols, Explaining and managing shock.

Emergency scene management, Artificial respiration, Child & infant CPR, Chest, hand & eye injuries, Multiple injury management, Pelvic, abdominal & crush injuries, Burns, Wounds & bleeding, Poisoning, bites and paralysis, Fits, breathlessness & skin reactions, Environmental illness & injuries, Emergency childbirth, Behavioural emergencies, Water accidents, Anatomy & physiology, Ethics related to emergency care, Choking, shock, unconsciousness & fainting, 1 & 2 rescuer CPR, General principles of fractures, Joint injuries & rescue carries, Head & spinal injuries, Specific fractures and HIV/AIDS in the workplace.

Unit standard aligned:
Yes, First Aid Level 2 (SAQA US ID 376480) and Level 3 (SAQA US ID 120352)

3 Days

NQF Level:
First Aid Level 2 - NQF Level 3
First Aid Level 3 - NQF Level 4

First Aid Level 2 - 8 credits
First Aid Level 3 - 3 credits

Course Includes:
Manual, CPR Pocket Mask, Practical session and Certificate. We also provide Refreshments, Lunch and Safe Parking.

Next course date:

First aid is a simple skill that has an incredible impact and everyone should get the opportunity to learn it. With a team of committed trainers who have a passion for their area of expertise and an office of friendly, helpful, admin staff, we achieve a high quality service that will make training employees to optimise your business an easy task. Call Uni-Excellens Today.

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