First Aid level 1 Training

First Aid level 1 is an entry level First Aid training course and accredited by the Department of Labour and Health and Welfare Sector Educational Training Authority (HWSETA). First Aid is the first response to an emergency situation and can be the difference between life and death. First Aid Level 1 teaches basic lifesaving skills.

Outcomes of the First Aid level 1 Training

  • Explain and discuss basic first aid concepts.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of elementary anatomy and physiology.
  • Apply rudimentary first aid.
  • Treat basic injuries.

Features of our First Aid level 1 Training

  • Principles of First Aid & Safety Management.
  • Emergency scene management.
  • Artificial respiration.
  • One rescuer CPR.
  • Burns, Fractures & Choking.
  • Head and spinal injuries.
  • Shock management.
  • Unconsciousness & fainting
  • Wounds & bleeding.
  • Poisoning.
  • HIV/Aids in the workplace.
  • Real life scenario training.

Unit Standard Aligned:

Yes, SAQA US ID 120496


18 hours (2 Days)

NQF Level: 2

Credits: 5

Included in course:

Learner workbook, CPR mouthpiece and certificate. Refreshments, Lunch and safe parking will also be provided.

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Importance of First Aid

Unpleasant though it may be, the fact remains that First Aid for Life Kitaccidents happen. Even experiencing it as a bystander, an accident is not a pleasant scene.

If an accident happens in the workplace, you cannot be a helpless witness, since simply standing by can potentially worsen the situation. This is why it's important to have at least a basic knowledge of first aid.

At its most basic, first aid is the initial assistance given to a victim of injury or illness. Comprised of relatively simple techniques that can be performed with rudimentary equipment, first aid is usually carried out by a layperson until professional medical assistance arrives.


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