More About Our Evac Training

Emergency Evacuation Policy & Plan


A detailed inspection is conducted of the premises to enable a compilation of the Health & Safety Emergency Evacuation Plan.

This plan is drawn up to comply with the regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, (Act 85 of 1993) leaving you with complete peace of mind.


An Emergency & Evacuation Plan is a written document depicting the continuous process by which all companies manage emergencies to avoid the impact of disasters resulting from these emergencies.

Clear processes in handling emergency situations are described in this document.

The rules and regulations of each company are worked into this document. Schematic visualization will also be included in the Plan to indicate escape.

Emergency Evacuation Drill


Understanding and implementing the training received for the evacuation of a building.

Prevention and corrective action can be taken regarding the improvement of the evacuation procedures.

To comply with the Health and Safety act's request to do at least 2 evacuation drills per year, where one of them should be scenario based.


An evacuation drill with real simulations should be done once a year. After the drill a written report will be submitted.

This drill includes real life scenarios with patients, fire simulation's etc.

A debriefing session is facilitated with the Health and Safety team to discuss the assessment of the drill.

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