Unlocking Workplace Safety: A Comprehensive Guide to the OHS Manager Course

In today's rapidly evolving work environment, prioritizing the health and safety of employees has become a paramount concern for organizations. The Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Manager Course emerges as a crucial tool for managers seeking a comprehensive understanding of the legislative framework surrounding workplace health, safety, and environmental regulations. In this blog post, we'll delve into the key outcomes and features of the OHS Manager Course, shedding light on its significance in fostering a secure and compliant workplace.


Understanding Legal Requirements:

The primary goal of the OHS Manager Course is to equip managers with the knowledge of the Occupational Health & Safety Act and the severe consequences that may result from non-compliance. Managers will gain insights into the legal landscape governing health, safety, and environmental practices within the workplace.

Legislative Framework:

The course elucidates the legislative framework of health, safety, and environmental laws, offering a comprehensive understanding of the regulations that companies must adhere to. This knowledge is crucial for ensuring that organizations operate within the prescribed legal boundaries.

Company Policies and Procedures:

Participants will gain in-depth knowledge about the requirements concerning a company's health, safety, and environmental policies, procedures, and codes. This insight is pivotal for creating and maintaining a safe work environment.

Implementation and Maintenance:

The course covers the practical aspects of implementing and maintaining health, safety, and environmental legislation in the workplace. This includes strategies for effective enforcement and continuous improvement in safety practices.


Basic Introduction to OHS:

The OHS Manager Course begins with a foundational understanding of occupational health and safety, laying the groundwork for more in-depth exploration.

Importance of Legal Compliance:

Emphasizing the significance of legal compliance, the course highlights the potential ramifications of non-compliance and the importance of aligning organizational practices with legal requirements.

Composition of the OHS Act:

Participants will gain a detailed understanding of the key components and provisions of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, forming the basis for their role in compliance.

Fundamental Elements of Effective Safety Management:

The course delves into the essential elements that contribute to the effectiveness of safety management systems, providing practical insights for implementation.

Organisational Governance and Safety Management:

Exploring the relationship between good organizational governance and safety management, the course underscores the role of leadership in fostering a culture of safety.

Assessing Safety Risks:

Managers will learn how to identify, assess, and mitigate safety risks, ensuring a proactive approach to preventing workplace accidents and incidents.

Achieving SHE Excellence:

The course sets a standard for Safety, Health, and Environmental (SHE) excellence, guiding managers on the path to creating a workplace that excels in all aspects of occupational health and safety.

Roles and Duties:

The OHS Manager Course outlines the specific roles and duties of CEOs, general management, line management, manufacturers, and employees in upholding safety standards. It explores the interplay between line management and safety practitioners, emphasizing collective responsibility.

Health and Safety Representatives and Committees:

Managers will be briefed on the establishment and functioning of Health and Safety Representatives and Committees, promoting collaboration in maintaining a safe working environment.

Reporting and Equipment:

The course covers the reporting requirements for injuries and occupational diseases, as well as the essential use of personal safety equipment and facilities to ensure a secure workplace.

Legal Aspects:

Participants will gain insights into legal aspects such as acts or omissions, exemptions, third-party agreements, and penalties, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape.

Establishing an Effective SHE System:

The course concludes by providing guidance on establishing an effective SHE system, offering a roadmap for managers to integrate safety practices seamlessly into their organizational structure.

The OHS Manager Course stands as a vital resource for managers committed to creating a safe, compliant, and thriving workplace. With a duration of 8 hours and an NQF Level 4 accreditation, this course provides a solid foundation for managers to navigate the complexities of occupational health and safety. By completing this comprehensive program, managers can confidently lead their organizations towards achieving excellence in Safety, Health, and Environmental practices, ensuring the well-being of their workforce and safeguarding the longevity of their business.

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