Uni-Excellens offers complete turnkey, end-to-end solutions that will address the complete implementation of OHS and Emergency Management measures to ensure compliance with all the regulatory and statutory requirements expected by the Law. 


We provide a wide range of consulting and support services to complete and complement the Management System that will allow the client easy and complete control over his / her OHS / Emergency Management domain.

We also perform installation and provision services to ensure that the products and equipment we provided for the client, are installed accurately and to the client’s satisfaction.

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1. OHS Baseline Risk Assessments & Compliance Auditing:

•  Health and Safety Baseline Risk Assessment / Inspection  Get Quote
•  Building Management Baseline Risk Assessment / Inspection  Get Quote
•  Building Management OHS Compliance Planning  Get Quote
•  Hazardous Identification Risk Assessment (HIRA)   Get Quote
•  Health & Safety Compliance Scorecard   Get Quote

•   Reporting, Recording & Investigation of Incidents / Accidents   Get Quote

2. Implementation of OHS Policies and Plans:
• Health & Safety Management Systems (SHE Files)  Get Quote
• OHS Policy and Plans  Get Quote
• Emergency Evacuation Policy & Plan  Get Quote
• Emergency Evacuation Drills   Get Quote
• Smoking and Vaping Policy  Get Quote
• Housekeeping Policy   Get Quote

3. OHS & Fire Protection Committee Meeting Facilitation:

• OHS & Fire Protection Committee Meetings  Get Quote
• Specialist Health & Safety Consulting  Get Quote

4. OHS Induction Presentations:

• Occupational Health & Safety Induction Presentations   Get Quote

5. Strategic Planning & Disaster Recovery:

• OHS Strategic Planning   Get Quote
• Disaster Recovery Policy & Plan and Business Continuity Planning  Get Quote

6. Fire Equipment Servicing / Installation and Evacuation Floor Plan Designs(Schematics): 

• Servicing of Fire Equipment  Get Quote
• Installation of Fire Equipment   Get Quote
• Schematics / Evacuation Floor plans   Get Quote
• Fire Rational Designs   Get Quote

7. Employee Medical Surveillance:

• Employee Medicals  Get Quote

“I must say I was taken aback and very impressed by the attention to detail and amount of information you give to your clients.  It’s very impressive indeed.”  - Mantombi Dlamini, SPL Group of Companies

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1. As soon as proof of payment is delivered to Uni-Excellens delivery dates will be issued.
2. If the service / training or product is cancelled or moved in writing between one (1) and seven (7) working days of the delivery you will be liable for 100% of the payment (invoice).
3. If the service / training or product is cancelled or moved in writing between eight (8) and fourteen (14) working days of the delivery you will be liable for 50% of the payment (invoice).
4. All work paid for and not completed within three (3) months, due to unforseen delay on the client's side, will be subject to a price increase.
5. Travelling (except in Gauteng) and overnight expenses are excluded.  All first assesments in the Gauteng area are free of charge. 
6. Delivery Process: Order - Invoice - Payment - Delivery