Uni-Excellens offers complete turnkey, end-to-end solutions that will address the complete implementation of OHS and Emergency Management measures to ensure compliance with all the regulatory and statutory requirements expected by the Law.


We provide a wide range of consulting and support services to complete and complement the Management System that will allow the client easy and complete control over his / her OHS / Emergency Management domain.

We also perform installation and provision services to ensure that the products and equipment we provided for the client, are installed accurately and to the client's satisfaction.

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1. OHS Baseline Risk Assessments & Compliance Auditing:

• Health and Safety Baseline Risk Assessment / Inspection Get Quote
• Building Management Baseline Risk Assessment / Inspection Get Quote
• Building Management OHS Compliance Planning Get Quote
• Hazardous Identification Risk Assessment (HIRA) Get Quote
• Health & Safety Compliance Scorecard Get Quote

• Reporting, Recording & Investigation of Incidents / Accidents Get Quote

2. Implementation of OHS Policies and Plans:
• Health & Safety Management Systems (SHE Files) Get Quote
• OHS Policy and Plans Get Quote
• Emergency Evacuation Policy & Plan Get Quote
• Emergency Evacuation Drills Get Quote
• Smoking and Vaping Policy Get Quote
• Housekeeping Policy Get Quote

3. OHS & Fire Protection Committee Meeting Facilitation:

• OHS & Fire Protection Committee Meetings Get Quote
• Specialist Health & Safety Consulting Get Quote

4. OHS Induction Presentations:

• Occupational Health & Safety Induction Presentations Get Quote

5. Strategic Planning & Disaster Recovery:

• OHS Strategic Planning Get Quote
• Disaster Recovery Policy & Plan and Business Continuity Planning Get Quote

6. Fire Equipment Servicing / Installation and Evacuation Floor Plan Designs(Schematics):

• Servicing of Fire Equipment Get Quote
• Installation of Fire Equipment Get Quote
• Schematics / Evacuation Floor plans Get Quote
• Fire Rational Designs Get Quote

7. Employee Medical Surveillance:

• Employee Medicals Get Quote

“I must say I was taken aback and very impressed by the attention to detail and amount of information you give to your clients. It's very impressive indeed.” - Mantombi Dlamini, SPL Group of Companies

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Featured Products
Fire Warden Basic Fire Awarene...
Understanding the procedures of dealing with fires in the work place. Correctly check and use firefighting equipment.

Fire Rational Designs
Accurate, fit-for-purpose design and provisioning of adequate Fire Fighting and Prevention Systems.

OHS Strategic Planning
OHS Strategic Planning is about taking a hard look at your business and recognising the reality of its growth.

Building Management OHS Baseli...
Establish the true state of your properties by assessing it against requirements of OHS/Emergency Management Legislation

Emergency Response Team Worksh...
To prepare the team to work together as a unit during an evacuation.

Emergency Coordinator
Have skilled Emergency Coordinators. Be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Minimise company liability.

Evacuation Warden and Scene Ma...
Have skilled Evacuation Wardens. Prepares you for any type of emergency. Minimise company liability.

Give comprehensive understanding of the role and responsibilities of an organisations HSE incident investigator.

Incident/Accident Investigator
Prevent loss of revenue and damage to property and injury/loss of staff.

Health and Safety Representati...
Address safety, health and environment related issues within the scope of authority.

OHS Manager Course
Intended for all managers who should know the requirements of the OHS Act and the consequences of non-compliance.

Material Safety Data Sheets
Teaches you to safely handle and store chemicals Improve workplace safety Provides spill handling procedures Minimise co...

OHS and Fire Protection Commit...
OHSA section 19 and 20 states that Health and Safety committee meetings must be held at least once every three months

Employee Induction Presentatio...

Hazard Identification Risk Ass...
We do a Workplace Assessment according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Emergency Evacuation Drill
Comply with the Health and Safety Act’s request to do 2 Evacuation Drills per year, one of them should be simulated.

Incident or Accident Consultin...
Any Incident or Accident investigation is a daunting task and the regulation 7 days for submitting is very short!

First Aid Refresher
Refresh knowledge. Ensures proficiency. Keep up to date with methodologies.

High Rope Training
Reach patients in difficult situations Save lives Safely handle an Emergency situation Teaches to us

First Aid for Kids / Schools
Useful life skill Have kids look out for one another in an emergency Have kids who will st

HIV/ AIDS Awareness Workshop
Prevention is better than cure Educated personnel Better knowledge and understanding

HIV / AIDS Awareness Program f...
Prevention is better than cure Better knowledge and understanding Ideal for Schools and Large Groups of Pupils

Fire Marshall Training (Basic ...
Take control of the situation and fire warden team during an emergency. Select appropriate firefighting procedures.

First Aid Level 1 Training
Entry level First Aid training course to provide risk-based primary emergency care/first aid in the workplace

First Aid Level 2 and 3
More advanced First Aid techniques Important for 'patient care cycle' Lifesaving skill

Air Horn in Casing
Effective Emergency Signaling. Used for Fire/Evacuation, OHS, Security Alerts and Sports, outdoor and Marine Activities

Health and Safety Management S...
Complete OHS management system Comply with OHS Act (85 of 1993) Effective implementation procedures

First Aid Kit - Grabber Bag
Light and portable medical bag. Perfect for home and office use.

Medical Spilling Kit
Protects you when dealing with potential harmful body fluid spills. Perfect for home and office use.

CPR Mouthpiece
A must have in any First Aid Kit Gives peace of mind when giving CPR Use for your own protection

First Aid Kit Content
Everything you need for your First Aid Kit Perfect for home and office

Direct stream Pepper Spray
Non-lethal Easy to use Personal defence gadget

Fog Pepper Spray
Non-lethal Easy to use Personal defence gadget

Fire Hose Reel Cover
PVC cover to protect hose reels from the weather and the elements to prolong their usable life.

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguish...
Effective and portable hand-held fire extinguishing device. Commonly used on Class B and C fires.

Summary of the Basic Condition...
Wall Chart of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 1997 Full colour and laminated

Summary of the Employment Equi...
Wall Chart of the Summary of the Employment Equity Act Full colour and laminated

Occupational Health and Safety...
Wall Charts of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993. Full colour and laminated

Skil108s Development Act
Wall Chart of the Skills Development Act Full colour and laminated

Air Horn
Easy to use and effective Manual Warning System

Powder Fire Extinguisher (STP/...
Perfect for home and office. Portable and easy to use. Commonly used on Class A, B and C fires.

Safety Signage
Easily recognised safety signs A must have in any work space SABS Prescribed

Fire Blanket
Quickly and effectively extinguishes small kitchen or clothing fires. Perfect for home, vehicle and office

Fire Extinguisher Cover
PVC cover to protect fire extinguishers from the weather and the elements to prolong their usable life.

Emergency Key Box
Makes keys easily accessible during an Emergency.

Smoke Detector
Effective early fire detector Battery Operated

Mega Phone
Effective warning system in any emergency situation.

Reflective Jackets
Reflective Jackets makes Emergency Personnel easy to identify during an emergency.

Disaster Recovery Plan
Have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place to mitigate risk of bankruptcy and recover damage/losses due to unforeseen events

Emergency Evacuation Policy an...
This plan is drawn up to comply with the regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, (Act 85 of 1993).

CPR Pocket Mask
Protects you when giving CPR. Perfect for home and office

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1. As soon as proof of payment is delivered to Uni-Excellens delivery dates will be issued.
2. If the service / training or product is cancelled or moved in writing between one (1) and seven (7) working days of the delivery you will be liable for 100% of the payment (invoice).
3. If the service / training or product is cancelled or moved in writing between eight (8) and fourteen (14) working days of the delivery you will be liable for 50% of the payment (invoice).
4. All work paid for and not completed within three (3) months, due to unforseen delay on the client's side, will be subject to a price increase.
5. Travelling (except in Gauteng) and overnight expenses are excluded. All first assesments in the Gauteng area are free of charge.
6. Delivery Process: Order - Invoice - Payment - Delivery